Taking our students on an inspirational learning journey through National Curriculum English & Maths

“Our fully-qualified, experienced teachers and personal approach will guarantee your child gains confidence and makes outstanding progress and attainment.”

We are offering primary and secondary group lessons for just £5 during the school closure or one to one for £20.


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Why Golden Brain?

Each of our tutors is a fully qualified and experienced classroom practitioner, with an excellent understanding of how children learn most effectively. We use only experienced and competent teaching assistants in our classes, to provide support and/ or challenge where necessary.  Your child will receive a carefully planned and prepared lesson, to meet their exact learning needs, using our gold star lesson format.

The mediocre teacher TELLS.

The good teacher EXPLAINS.

The superior teacher DEMONSTRATES

The Golden Brain teacher INSPIRES!

Handpicked Tutors

We personally match every child with a tutor who best fits their learning needs.

On registration, you will complete a survey giving us your exact requirements. We will then find the perfect tutor for your child, taking into consideration their age, learning needs, location, availability and experience to date.

Our Golden Brain tutors have all been personally interviewed and assessed.  They are fully DBS checked and have been teaching for at least three years, in a classroom setting.  Many have held positions of responsibility such as Head of Year, subject leader or higher.

Tutors are given a full induction before commencing work and all use our gold star format to teach their lessons.  They are experts in planning sessions according to need, ensuring every child is challenged and supported appropriately.

We will match your child with the tutor who best fits their needs. For example if you are looking for secondary school entrance exam preparation, we will link your child with a teacher has excellent experience of this. On the other hand, should it be that your child is finding learning to read a challenge, we will find you a reading specialist with expert knowledge of phonics.

Our Golden Brain tutors are all extremely passionate about what they do, stay up to date with current educational trends, and will ensure your child makes outstanding progress and achievement.

Client Feedback

  • “**** really enjoyed her lesson so much.  She delighted in explaining to me the difference between there, their and they’re – something I have been trying to achieve for years!  Fab!”
  • “My son achieved an academic scholarship to our first choice school and I just can't thank you enough.”
  • "Your personal and friendly approach meant the world to us.  We feel that **** is being treated like a person and not just a number."
  • "**** loved Saturday’s lesson – I can’t believe she actually uttered the words, “I like English now!"
  • “I was best in my class in maths this week because you taught me how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 in a way I can understand”.
  • “I'm so pleased with how well **** is getting on.  This week she scored 36 out of 40 on her mock SATs as opposed to the 17 she got last time.  She is gaining in confidence all the time and I just wanted to say thank you”.
  • *****'s confidence has increased ten-fold since she started your lessons.  At Parents' Evening, her teacher told me she can't believe the rapid progress ***** has made.

What We Offer

Local Classes

Our popular class-based lessons have been carefully designed to raise students’ standards in English and maths, and to prepare them for the 11+, Common Entrance exams, SATs and SPaG tests.

With class sizes of no more than ten students, these sessions are led by one of our engaging and experienced teachers, in a local and convenient setting. In addition to consolidating the appropriate National Curriculum objectives, pupils will also learn important life skills such as collaboration and critical thinking.


Golden Brain Academy has its own, unique, online tutoring program, allowing us to create a perfect environment, for our students to take their learning journey in the comfort of their own home, wherever they are in the world.

Using real-time video, messenger function and an interactive whiteboard, the program we use, which is tablet and laptop friendly, enables our inspiring tutors to offer first class online tuition to all pupils.

One to One

We have specialist teachers in both English and maths who can travel to your home.  Your child’s learning journey will be expertly planned and delivered by an experienced teacher, with knowledge of the curriculum expectations.  Lessons can be arranged to fit in with your family’s schedule and can be booked in blocks or one off sessions.  Our lessons are perfect for pupils both in the UK and abroad.

How Can We Help?

Common Entrance Exams for Independent Schools

If you have made the decision to go private for secondary school, our experienced teachers will help your child make the dream a  reality.

Confidence building

Many children feel overwhelmed by the pace of the curriculum in school.  Others prefer to work in a smaller group and need the immediate praise and reward of working 1:1 or in a small group.  Our enthusiastic, expertly trained teachers can raise the confidence of even the most reluctant child.

Year 6 SPAG test

Does the term SPAG mean ‘Spaghetti Bolognaise’ to you?  We can help both you and your child to learn the difference between a relative and a subordinate clause.  By the way- SPAG stands for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar!

Providing additional  challenge

All children have a talent for something (such a gymnastics, music or art).  If your child is excelling in maths or English, we can focus on mastery skills and ensure they are reaching their full capabilities.

Closing gaps in attainment

Some children who fall behind find it impossible to ‘catch up’ with their peers.  The pace of the National Curriculum does not make allowances for children who need more time for consolidation and application before moving onto the next objective.  Our experienced teachers can give your child the extra time they need, allowing them to close any gaps which may have formed, and progress at a more rapid rate.

Maths Reasoning skills

The new National Curriculum in maths places great emphasis on children’s ability to solve problems and explain their methods.  Pupils need to be able to ‘think outside the box’ and answer questions that go much deeper than basic sums and calculations.  We include reasoning activities in all our maths lessons, enabling these skills to become second nature to our students.

11+ Entrance Tests

Don’t allow applying and sitting for grammar school to be a stressful experience.  We can prepare and provide support for you all, making the whole process straightforward and stress free.

SATs practice for KS1 and KS2

Primary aged children complete end of key stage tests at the end of Year 2 and Year 6.  We can match your child with a teacher who has first-hand experience of these assessments and can guide them appropriately through the whole process.

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