Look what we have been getting up to in our local Saturday classes!

The objective of this task was to write a character description based on a picture stimulus.  The children used the ‘slow writing’ technique, which means each sentence has a rule to follow.  e.g. Must start with a fronted adverbial or must contain personification.

The Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon

We had a go at writing effective character descriptions.  This is a description of The Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon from The Iron Man.  I asked the children to use a range of figurative language, such as simile and personification.  The most important rule was that pronoun and determiner sentence openers were BANNED!  This means that the children had to use a range of fronted adverbials instead.

I am particularly thrilled with this effort from one of my Year 4s.  What a cracking piece of writing!

The Fisherman

This work built on the ‘slow writing’ techniques we learnt the previous week.  Using their growing confidence, our pupils were able to describe the picture of the fisherman by applying the five rules given.

‘Slow writing’ is an extremely effective method of raising standards in writing.  It enables pupils to think carefully about varying their sentence structure, ‘uplevel’ their vocabulary and use a range of language techniques including personification, simile and fronted adverbials.

With lots of practice and repetition, even the most reluctant and lacking in confidence writers can produce outstanding pieces of work.