Online Group Classes

Are you concerned about the impact of the 2020 school closures? Is your child finding it difficult to distinguish between a relative and subordinate clause?  Are you finding supporting your child with their homework a challenge?  Confused by the new calculation policies?  Are you both overwhelmed by the whole entrance exam process?

We Can Help!

At The Golden Brain Academy, we understand the common difficulties and misconceptions that children face on their learning journey through school.  We know that many children need to be challenged and /or supported further than a large classroom setting allows for. 

Our online group classes have been carefully planned and organised to help children who need “just a little more time” to grasp concepts before moving onto the next objective.  For those children whose progress is being held back, we can “push them that little bit further” in order for them to reach their highest potential.

On registration, you will be asked to provide us with the necessary information to  ensure your child is fully supported and/ or challenged in every lesson.  This allows every one of our pupils to make maximum progress.

Our classes are beneficial for children from EYFS to GSCE.  We have ideal classes for children who need extra support with certain concepts in English, maths and science.   With class sizes of between six and ten children, our fully-qualified teachers can work with the children and promote and utilise the benefits of discussion, collaboration and critical thinking.  .

The best part – your child does not even need to leave the house to access  fantastic teaching.  Using an online platform, allows us to teach children all over the world, so don’t be surprised if your child is in a group with a child in the UAE, Mumbai, Beijing or Geneva!


Why Golden Brain?

Every child has the  right to the best education, and our aim is to provide outstanding yet affordable tuition for all.  Each of our teachers is a fully qualified and experienced classroom practitioner, with an excellent understanding of how children learn most effectively. Your child will receive a carefully planned and prepared lesson, to meet their learning needs.   

We are a family run company, who pride ourselves on positive and personal relationships with our customers.  Every child who learns with us is valued and treated as a unique individual.

The mediocre teacher TELLS.

The good teacher EXPLAINS.

The superior teacher DEMONSTRATES

The Golden Brain teacher INSPIRES!

Client Feedback

  • “**** really enjoyed her lesson so much.  She delighted in explaining to me the difference between there, their and they’re – something I have been trying to achieve for years!  Fab!”
  • “I don’t think I have ever seen her write so neatly and patiently; you obviously bring out the best in her! I also wanted to thank you. I have often overheard **** and you talking- and I see her face beam. Learning with you has not just enabled her to address her frustration with online classes (online school is very different here!) but also highlighted the joy of learning. And of course- as she says in her note to you- she has loved speaking in her London accent (she switches accents- uses the London accent when talking at home; and the Indian accent when speaking with her friends etc.!!)." 
  • "I just wanted to let you know I received ***'s end of year report today and after 7 years she finally finishes Primary school and her levels in all subjects are secure or exceeding. Not a single Emerging tick in sight.  I’m so proud of what she has achieved which has been a long road but she got there. I’m so grateful to you for your help in the last year, by far the best tutor she has had over the years."  
  • "Your classes are a godsend, enabling **** to maintain a degree of teaching (in the most wonderful way) whilst meeting new children and seeing her buddies."
  • “When I initially told **** he would be having a tutor he wasn't overly happy.  However, as soon as he started taking part in your classes, he loved it.  Both he (and I) have learnt a lot."
  • “You are amazing at what you do.  Finding you by chance was like hitting the jackpot. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and high standard of teaching."
  • "You've been amazing, and your enthusiasm for the different subjects has been infectious! We can see how much effort you put in to each class to keep it educational yet at the same time fun, and all through a channel (e.g. remotely on screen) that normally wouldn't feel natural to children. So really well done to you and your team."

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