Why Golden Brain?

Alison Goulden

Golden Brain allows me to share my love of learning and teaching to children across the globe, inspiring a new generation of readers, writers and mathematicians.

I started Golden Brain because I have a great passion for education and improving children’s levels in maths, reading, writing, spelling and grammar. Having taught hundreds of children throughout my career I have an excellent understanding of how children learn best whilst making their lessons enjoyable and inspiring. My techniques have been tried and tested, not only on the children I have taught in school and through tutoring, but also my own three daughters. Golden Brain allows me to share my love of learning and teaching to children across the globe, inspiring a new generation of readers, writers and mathematicians.

My Background

  • Graduated with a first class honours degree BA (QTS) with a specialism in in English from The University of Warwick in 1999.
  • Taught in a range of different settings, in many different year groups for over 18 years.
  • Held positions of responsibility such as English Leader, Head of Pre-Prep, Year Leader and Assistant Head.
  • Have planned and delivered training sessions for staff and parents on the most successful ways of teaching children to read, write and learn phonics and grammar.
  • Class teacher at The Arc in Caterham on Saturdays – preparing children for exams and providing booster classes for support.
  • One to one private tuition in UK preparing children for secondary entrance exams and to consolidate learning in school

Handpicked Tutors

We personally match every child with a tutor who best fits their learning needs.

On registration, you will complete an online survey giving us your exact requirements. We will then find the perfect tutor for your child, taking into consideration their age, learning needs, availability and experience to date.

Our Golden Brain tutors (see bios) have all been personally interviewed and assessed. They are fully DBS or police checked and have been teaching for at least three years, in a classroom setting. Many have held positions of responsibility such as head of year, subject leader or higher.

Tutors are given a full induction before commencing online work and all use our gold star format to teach their lessons. They are experts in planning sessions according to need, ensuring every child is challenged and supported appropriately.

We will match your child with the tutor who best fits their needs. For example if you are looking for secondary school entrance exam preparation, we will link your child with a teacher has excellent experience of this. On the other hand, should it be that your child is finding learning to read a challenge, we will find you a reading specialist with expert knowledge of phonics.

Our Golden Brain tutors are all extremely passionate about what they do, stay up to date with current educational trends, and will ensure your child makes outstanding progress and achievement.

What We Offer

Local Classes

Our popular class based lessons have been carefully designed to raise students’ standards in English and maths, and to prepare students for the 11+ and Common Entrance exams.

With class sizes of no more than six students, these sessions are led by one of our engaging and experienced teachers, in a local and convenient setting.   In addition to consolidating the appropriate National Curriculum objectives, pupils will also learn important life skills such as collaboration and critical thinking.


Golden Brain Academy has its own, unique, online tutoring program, allowing us to create a perfect environment, for our students to take their learning journey in the comfort of their own home.

Using real-time video, messenger function and an interactive whiteboard, our online program, which is tablet and laptop friendly, enables our inspiring tutors to offer first class online tuition to all primary aged pupils.

Client Feedback


  • “**** really enjoyed her lesson so much.  She delighted in explaining to me the difference between there, their and they’re – something I have been trying to achieve for years!  Fab!”
  • Alison and her team at GBA have been life saviours. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the change in my son has been immense. When he first started. I was in awe of the extremely clever children in his group and thinking how far off in confidence and knowledge my boy was. Now 4 months later, he is one of those extremely clever children. The gap has closed in. His confidence has grown. And above all he has thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.I’m not going to lie. Home schooling was consuming my days with a reluctant learner who I felt I was dishing out all the answers to. So, it also helped me to regain my sanity, create a balanced happy home and structure home learning in a more effective manner. GBA have been brilliant. Can't wait for the Autumn term.Thank you so much.  Pana Neocleous (Yr 3 mum)

  • When I initially told him that he would be having a tutor every morning he wasn’t overly happy, however as soon as he started taking part in your classes he loved it. Both he (and I) have learnt a lot!

  • “I don’t think I have ever seen her write so neatly and patiently; you obviously bring out the best in her! I also wanted to thank you. I have often overheard **** and you talking- and I see her face beam. Learning with you has not just enabled her to address her frustration with online classes (online school is very different here!) but also highlighted the joy of learning. And of course- as she says in her note to you- she has loved speaking in her London accent (she switches accents- uses the London accent when talking at home; and the Indian accent when speaking with her friends etc.!!)." 
  • "I just wanted to let you know I received ***'s end of year report today and after 7 years she finally finishes Primary school and her levels in all subjects are secure or exceeding. Not a single Emerging tick in sight.  I’m so proud of what she has achieved which has been a long road but she got there. I’m so grateful to you for your help in the last year, by far the best tutor she has had over the years." 
  • "Your classes are a godsend, enabling **** to maintain a degree of teaching (in the most wonderful way) whilst meeting new children and seeing her buddies."
  • “When I initially told **** he would be having a tutor he wasn't overly happy.  However, as soon as he started taking part in your classes, he loved it.  Both he (and I) have learnt a lot."
  • “You are amazing at what you do.  Finding you by chance was like hitting the jackpot. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and high standard of teaching."
  • "You've been amazing, and your enthusiasm for the different subjects has been infectious! We can see how much effort you put in to each class to keep it educational yet at the same time fun, and all through a channel (e.g. remotely on screen) that normally wouldn't feel natural to children. So really well done to you and your team."

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